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Large Format Production

Learn about the Highest Quality Large Format Printer in the World

Oversize Printing in Cleveland at its' best

At Image Concepts Cleveland, businesses come back to us time and time again because of our level of expertise and knowledge. When you partner with us, you’re working with an Oversize, Large Format print group that knows how to design signs with the perfect graphics and materials. We can promise you the best quality results because we use the latest equipment and top-of-the-line materials.

Image Concepts Cleveland has the most advanced printing and cutting equipment in the world. Our printer is a Screen 2500 Truepress Ultra Violet Machine and our cutter is a Multicam Digital Express with conveyor. It's the best because:

Prints up to 1500 dpi at 175 line screen, This is important because it allows us to closely match offset printed pieces with digitally printed pieces. This would be beneficial for:

*Trade show graphics and trade show handouts.
*Banners, Large Format
*Posters, Large Format
*Signs, Indoor/Outdoor
*Retail Window Signs
*Easel Back signs
*Foamcore signs
*SBS Board
*Styrene (any thickness)
*Magnets, Large Format or Small Format
*Sintra or PVC signs
*Custom wallpaper
*Display printing
*Corporate color matching
*Semi-Permanent to Permanent signs
*Can cut to any size or shape
*Can cut paper, foam core, acrylic, PVC, Styrene, cloth, magnets, vinyl, to name only a few

Our printer allows for small type, 6pt type size is no problem so countertop POP signs, foam core, banners or small signs and handouts are a snap.

Dot sizes range from 6 to 32 picoliters with vario-dot technology.
A size 6 dot is the smallest in the industry as most machines put down a size 12 or larger. The smaller the dot the more detail that prints. In fact our machine puts down 1500 dpi again an industry first in indoor/outdoor signage.

Vario-dot technology is a patented process where large dots and small dots all print at the same time to give the best possible image. Competing machines have various dot sizes but they have to print the entire image with the same dot size. This is not optimal for print quality because a smaller dot is great for screens and flesh tones but not good for large solids and vice versa for large dots.

Screen 2500 Truepress machine specifications

*Print width of up to 98” x whatever length your heart desires
*Prints on virtually any substrate, plastic, paper, vinyl even cardboard for packaging
*Multi-layer printing: A patented process where layers of ink are built up to create a 3D effect on a Substrate. No other machine has this capability.
*Two sided poster printing with near perfect registration
*Window signs and Outdoor signage, printed material is indoor/outdoor suitable and is weather resistant. UV ink is the best ink for outdoor applications.
*Small quantities are welcome; Because our machine is digital no quantity is too small

Because we make an effort to keep up with the latest technology in wide format printing and cutters, you have flexibility in your printing options. You can print in full color and single- or double-sided, and cut a sign to almost any shape you can think of. Image Concepts has the tools and technology you need to meet all of your custom sign and large format needs.

Give us a try on your next oversize print project!

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